The Premier League has seen some of the world’s best players show their talent in England. From 20 goal-a-season strikers to dazzling number tens to big powerful centre-backs many world-class players have been praised as the world best.

But over the years there have been some players who have slipped under the cracks and not given the spotlight they deserve. Players who have been some of the best in their positions but no one seems to ever mention them for whatever reason.

Whether it be because they didn’t score enough goals, didn’t get enough assists, weren’t the flashiest, couldn’t play that killer ball, couldn’t dribble past four players or just simply were outshined in a team of stars these players deserve so much more credit then they receive these days.

To give these players their due and recognize just how good, important and underappreciated they are here is the Premier League’s most underrated Xl.